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[ . My Chemical Analogies . ]

Hey there. I'm Susie and I created this community so that fans of My Chemical Romance could come and comment on the songs that they like or dislike - negatively or positively, freely and without limits. As long as what you have to say can be supported somehow, and doesn't infringe the rights of others - then I'd love to hear it.
The community is simple, but sweet and hopefully will be a cool place to share deep thought and opinions. All you have to do is post the lyrics of the song you wish to comment on, and comment on it just like you would any normal post. You can say how great you think the song is, how shit you think the song is, how good the vocals are, what you think it's about and so on - as long as it's supported. I don't want *any* haters in here whatsoever. Anyone hating will be banned and reported to LJ. Simple as.
Posts must be friends only.
Any posts that are not friends only will be deleted to save friends pages.
Anyone stealing anybody elses' analogies will be banned.
There are no rules as of yet - so enjoy the freedom, guys and dolls!< 3

[ . Who Is Your Mod? . ]

I'm Susie. That's moi.

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Name: Susie

Age: 18

Location: Manchester, England.

Favourite Band: My Chemical Romance.

LJ Link: http://www.livejournal.com/users/dreamful_fairy

Poem Portfolio: http://www.postpoems.com/members/brokenfairy